Health Benifits when quitting smoking

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Health Benifits when quitting smoking

What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking?

A 2020 survey revealed that nearly 13.5% of people (18+) living in the UK smoke, and more than 16 million are living with a smoking-related disease.

Smoking is a common, albeit harmful, activity that most health professionals discourage. Recent awareness campaigns have also tried to emphasize the need to quit smoking to reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Thankfully, more smokers are taking such information seriously and want to leave the habit behind, and they have a good reason to.

The best part about quitting smoking is that your body starts improving and recovering immediately. Following are some of the critical changes you can expect once you stop smoking:

1.      Blood Oxygen Levels Improve

Carbon monoxide, a compound you inhale when you smoke, enters blood vessels that need to be filled with oxygen, reducing your blood oxygen levels. Therefore, quitting smoking will allow your body to absorb adequate oxygen and reach normal body recovery levels.

2.      Reduced Risk of Heart Conditions

The reduced oxygen levels and shrinking blood vessels are consequences of smoking and can negatively affect your cardiovascular health. Although it will take time for you to become entirely healthy, quitting smoking will significantly reduce the risk due to such conditions.

3.      Improvement in Smell and Taste

Cigarettes contain several chemicals and toxins that damage the sensory cells in your nose and mouth and impair your smell and taste. When you quit smoking, these cells get the opportunity to regenerate, and you'll notice an improvement in sensation within 2-3 days.

Overall, there are multiple health benefits to quitting smoking, and the decision improves your quality of life. It would help if you considered them to maintain your health and take the resolve to reduce your risk.


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