Health Benefits of CBD Oil

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Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Health Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Products

Using CBD oil to manage ailments and pain is a practice dating back several thousand years. Simply put, CBD oil is extracted from cannabis and used in various applications including edibles, ointments, and even vaping. Although it comes from cannabis, CBD does not cause a euphoric high associated with THC.

The main reason it has increased in popularity is the plethora of health benefits - some of which have a growing body of science backing them up. Let's explore some of the health benefits of CBD oil and CBD products.

Anxiety Management

Researchers believe that CBD can be used to manage anxiety. It works by altering how the brain's receptors interact with serotonin, a pleasure chemical known for disrupting mental health. In fact, one study found that a 600mg dose of CBD helped participants struggling with social anxiety deliver speeches in public.

Lowers the Frequency of Epilepsy

Did you know that CBD has been approved to treat two rare forms of epilepsy? This is probably why the compound has achieved widespread notoriety. Researchers are still investigating how CBD treats seizures and do not understand the exact mechanism behind results. It probably has something to do with how neurotransmitters in the endocannabinoid system interact with CBD.

More importantly, CBD can also reduce the adverse side effects associated with anti-epilepsy medications.

May Reduce Pain

CBD has been used to relieve pain for thousands of years. Studies indicate that CBD can reduce chronic pain by interacting with endocannabinoid receptors, thereby reducing inflammation. It is worth mentioning that CBD for pain is most effective when combined with THC. However, anything above 0.3% of THC can cause euphoric effects.

Can Manage Symptoms of Cancer

CBD has been shown to manage symptoms associated with cancer, such as pain, vomiting, and nausea. One study found traces of evidence that Sativex (a spray containing CBD) could reduce cancer-related pain in some users. However, more studies are needed to arrive at a decisive conclusion.

Brain Health

Researchers are still studying how CBD could help people with neurological disorders. CBD interacts with CB1 receptors to help with various diseases such as:

  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple sclerosis

Acne Management

CBD oil may have anti-acne effects. This is primarily because of how CBD reduces overall inflammation in the body. One study found that CBD reduced activity in the sebaceous glands responsible for producing sebum, which can often lead to acne.

Wrapping Up

These were just some of the supported health benefits associated with CBD. Always talk to your doctor before using CBD to manage ailments. It is worth noting that there is a large inter-individual variability in how people respond to CBD. Your experience may differ from those of other users.

Disclaimer: This information does not constitute as medical advice and should be used for information proposes only. 


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